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9 Tips To Take Care Of Your Books

9 Tips To Take Care Of Your Books
on Jul 13, 2021
9 Tips To Take Care Of Your Books

Books are considered as best companions of human beings. They are a treasure trove of knowledge but require care to last for a long time. Books are prone to be torn and damaged if we don’t take good care of them. In this rainy season, it has become all the more necessary to take care of books to extend their life.

Here are few tips to take care of your books

1) Hold the books in your clean hands. The dirt on your hands can stick to pages.

2)Do not fold the pages of the book for reading again. Make it a habit to leave bookmarks or page marks on the page which you read last.

3) Keep your favourite books away from children and pets.

4) Do not read books while eating or drinking, because there is still the fear of food and drink stains on the books.

5) You can be a bookworm, but beware of insects and keep your shelves clean. Ensure the books are kept in a cool place.

6) Ensure that books do not get affected by moisture. Keep a check on the humidity of the room

7) Avoid direct sunlight exposure to the books and it can affect the colour texture of the covers

8) Remove dust from books from time to time using a clean, soft cloth or a handheld vacuum.

9) You can also use plastic covers to provide extra security to your favorite books

Source: News 18

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