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8 Budding Self-Published Authors We Recommend Reading

8 Budding Self-Published Authors We Recommend Reading
on Apr 12, 2021
8 Budding Self-Published Authors We Recommend Reading
As a new strand of Coronavirus wreaks havoc across the country for the second time around, we aren’t left with a choice but to be indoors. And as we prepare ourselves mentally to face this period of time again, books and reading in general becomes a god send. In case you were out of new options and looking to explore newer writers, here’s a list of nine self-published authors you should definitely check out. Popular Instagram poet, Ashish Bagrecha saw his book ‘Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel’ trending on #1 on Amazon which kickstarted his journey as a writer. His debut books are deeply personal with him writing about his own experiences and solutions to deal with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts. His mission is to inspire, heal, and help people grow through his stories and poems.

Gaurav Garg

Gaurav Garg is an experienced teacher who has shaped careers of millions of people through his motivational writing.  The writer from Gurugram excels in connecting with students, solving their daily problems on his YouTube channel that has about 10 million subscribers.  The simplicity in his writing and a down to Earth approach while talking has been highly appreciated by his readers and followers.

Vijay Kakwani

Mumbai-based author Vijay Kakwani believes in delving into the human psyche to explore the nature of human emotions. A relatively new author, Kakwani published his first novel ‘Who Killed Kaneez?’ through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) in 2019. In a span of two years, Kakwani has become a regular at online seminars and sessions. With the ease of getting to publish his work through KDP, Kakwani says that he has evolved from a ‘hobby writer’ to a ‘writer’. Anubhav Agarwal Kindle Best-selling author, a novelist, a poet as well as a Social Media Icon, Anubhav Agarwal is an apt example of how KDP can bring about success. His book, published through self-publishing, saw overnight success in a global market with his social media following shooting up to 3.2M. The book “Why Not Me?” is based on the life story of the author where he speaks about his past relationship with Zoya.

Sen Balan

A doctor by profession, a writer by heart, Senthilbalan Manickam is an orthopedic surgeon based in Oman who also writes gripping mysteries in Tamil. His first book published through KDP witnessed him becoming an internet-writing sensation. Tamilians across the world appreciated his work and his online community threw him a surprise celebration when he visited the state. The young winner was even lauded by the former Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. M.K. Stalin.

Prasenjit Paul


Prasenjit Paul is a software engineer who left his job to pursue his job in the stock market. Now he is an entrepreneur, equity analyst, and author. He wrote about his years of experience in the stock market as he advices amateur investors in ‘How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market’. Paul published his book in 2015 where he saw over 1,00,000 paperback copies being sold.

Amitesh Kumar

Amitesh Kumar comes from the exotic heartlands of the country where Hindi is not very prevalent. The author from Andaman and Nicobar Islands has written three books since 2019 that revolve around society, working class and travelling. Amitesh’s story ‘Dadu Bhi Mall Jayenge’ was an instant hit and he was the runner-up at KDP’s ‘Pen to Publish’ contest. Since there aren’t many Hindi readers in the Andamans, self-publishing has allowed Amitesh to reach out to thousands of readers on Kindle. Diving deeper into fiction and romance, his new book ‘Naam Mei Kya Rakha Hai’ has been a hit since it was published.

Vineet Bajpai

Vineet© Wikimedia

Vineet Bajpai is a first-generation entrepreneur who has taken his business from within the confines of a shed to being part of the Fortune 500 Omnicom Group. Bajpai is the author of seven books including Build From Scratch, The Street to the Highway, The 30 Something CEO, among others. He has won the Entrepreneur of the Year 2016, and was also listed among the 100 Most Influential People in India’s Digital Ecosystem. Source: https://www.mensxp.com/

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