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78-year-old BFHR Bijli releases his two new books at the same time

78-year-old BFHR Bijli releases his two new books at the same time
on Nov 28, 2019
78-year-old BFHR Bijli releases his two new books at the same time
Retired environmental engineer BFHR Bijli released his 9th and 10th book simultaneously at an event held at Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust hall. The books are tittle ‘India Indiakkar Indian Manassu’, and ‘A Mulimankulam: Bijli’s random thoughts and notes’. ‘India Indiakkar Indian Manassu’ is the translation of articles he wrote for his first presentation soon after his retirement. 78-year old Bijli started writing at his young age. In his early writings, he penned down articles related to engineering. Talking about the story of the publication of his first book, he said, “Soon after my retirement, I was asked to present a paper at a program being attended by M G S Narayanan, then chairman of Indian Council of Historical Research. The organizers asked me to talk on the subject of merging Islam and Christianity with Sanatana Dharma. But I decided to present his opinion rather than give a general overview of the topic.” He stated that Christianity and Islam were religious streams that run parallel to merge in a larger infinity. “The incident prompted me to write about the social fabric of India, that is how my first book came about,” he added. He mostly writes about the issues faced by India in an increasingly globalized world, the need to bridge the gap between rich and poor, educated and uneducated. Talking about ‘A Pulimankulam Bijli’s random thoughts and notes’ he said, “Pulimankulam is a village in Tamil Nadu where I was born, and the book is a collection of the random thoughts I uploaded on various social media platforms. The book has covered topics such as politics, pollution, environmental issues, the revival of lakes and more.”

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