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Frontlist | 7 Books Creating Ripples in Modern Literature

Frontlist | 7 Books Creating Ripples in Modern Literature
on Feb 25, 2021
Frontlist | 7 Books Creating Ripples in Modern Literature
Very rarely we come across books that create a magical spell in our minds. These books not just fascinate us with their unique theme but also entertain us with their storytelling. Irrespective of whether it is a poetry collection or an anthology of stories; we as readers always crave for better books that can satiate our hunger for quality literature. Indeed, it’s tough to find such works which touch our souls. At this juncture, we bring you seven books that are creating ripples in modern literature. 1. Poetry Street by Hari Hara Mishra Since time immemorial, poems have always been straight from the heart. Only the trend, style and expressions change with the times. In the contemporary era, in the age of Twitter, poems are deeply influenced by social media and are taking shape as short poems, say one-minute reads centred around topical themes. The ‘Poetry Street’ is a collection of such Twitterli poems by Hari Hara Mishra on trending topics in 2019 as well as reflections on various aspects of life and living. Take a break. Get started on a voyage to a world of one-minute poems. Happy Minutes. The latest masterpiece by Mr. Mishra not just touches varied themes of love, loss and affection but also touches the thought- process of the young generation which is quite active in the current scenario of society. Poetry Street focusing on the youngsters quite deservedly makes a place in this elite list. 2. Rising Petals by Ashwini Rath The debut poetry collection by Ashwini Rath is one of those works which let you immerse into an ocean of emotions other than the evergreen romance which normally are a part of the majority of poetry collections. A collection of various poems, Rising Petals deciphers the anxiety of a modern human through objects, moods, events, places, and phenomena. Every poem resonates with the various emotions of the human being but still very beautifully illustrates the conflicts in our minds. Not just it gives us a way to get over prejudiced notions but also strengthens our resolve to stay true to our elements. Rising Petals being one of the modern pioneers of poetry find its honourable mention in this elite list. 3. Love In Modern Times by Nitish Raj The highly awaited Love In Modern Times is a short story collection of 20 short stories consisting of the various emotions which we are bound to encounter while being in love. Mr. Raj in this upcoming collection has tried to decipher the thought-process of an individual while riding on the ship of romance. Through multiple stories and multiple characters, Mr. Raj has let us take a dip into an ocean of romance where once we are into love, we tend to forget the associated morality and we find ourselves either in May-December relationships or such relationships which are high on romance but perhaps are devoid of any future. When we tend to talk about the future of a relationship, it also becomes imperative to talk about those aspects which we had ignored either out of our complacency or being wrapped in our own cobwebs of ego and false pretence. The book with a realistic approach towards modern-day romance makes it to the elite list. 4. The Rising Star by Deepak Singla A book of its own kind, The Rising Star by Deepak Singla is a comprehensive handbook that discusses how astrological stars and planets influence the making of a politician. The book elaborately explains the role of various stars and other astrological factors in being the deciding factor for the people representing the masses. It does not just reveal the mystical workings of Planets, Signs and Houses of Vedic Astrology in the arena of Politics, and analyses the real-life Birth Charts of sixteen famous political leaders of India. The book has been written in three sections. The first section describes the role of Planets, Signs, Houses and Nakshatras in politics whereas the second section deals with identifying and grooming future leaders and also gives remedial measures to overcome planetary flaws. The last section deals with the analysis of the birth charts of famous leaders. The unique style of writing and free-flowing language creates a fascinating and easy way to understand the book. The book is bound to educate budding astrologers, encourage youngsters to enter the promising field of politics and also guide those already in politics which makes its way to the elite list. 5. Miracle: Conversations with a Cherub by N. Srinivasa Raghavan A masterpiece dedicated to specially-abled children, Miracle is the fictionalized account of the author’s late nephew, his late brother’s eldest son. A child of great beauty and more importantly, the beauty of spirit. This fictionalized account presents the 10 beautiful years that the author got to spend with the child, and this association enriched him in mind and spirit. The lessons that the child taught him weren’t immediately apparent to him, caught as they were in the emotion of the moment, and dealing with their little bundle of joy. Only after the child passed away did the full import of the purpose of his life, and the important life lessons that he taught dawned on his family members, particularly him. The child couldn’t even speak, and this book is an attempt to give a voice to their little angel, and in the process getting to know his perspective. His dramatic reappearance is presented in Part I titled Homecoming, his Perspectives in Part II titled Revelations, and his life lessons are presented in Part III of the book titled Gospel. It is the author's hope that the book enriches the reader in mind and spirit and surely deserves a place in the elite list. 6. The Realms of Human Emotions by Jyoti Jha Emotions are an integral part of human existence and our sentiments delicately bind us to the relationships around us. And yet, we often have uncertainty around expressing our emotions and acknowledging our feelings. In the book ‘The Realms of Human Emotions’, the author depicts those intricate aspects that define us as human beings and divulges the layers of human emotions through various stories. Every story predominantly revolves around a particular human sentiment and the resultant actions ultimately impacting the relations that balance around those emotions. The stories speak to the readers through the emotional experiences of the protagonists and try to find a balance between the inner vortex of sentiments and the driving outer circumstances and consequences. Exploring the spheres of human emotions, the stories in the book not only deal with feelings, perceptions, attitudes, and intentions but also try to align individual emotions entwined with the relationships around them secures this upcoming collection an honourable mention in the elite list. 7. Au Contraire, Mademoiselle by I Mirajkar Au Contraire, Mademoiselle...On the contrary, Madam, is a brilliantly penned story by debutante author, Ms Indrani Mirajkar. The story revolves around Rani, a young lawyer and her many escapades. Rani's rebellious nature, challenges life at every step, be it college, the legal battles she chooses or the love that she almost loses! It is the tricks and twists that Rani uses to survive her own vulnerability that hooks the reader. Ms Mirajkar, boldly, moves away from a socially acceptable narrative right up to an unexpected climax that takes your breath away! And that's why, the English language novel, albeit with a title in French, 'Au Contraire, Mademoiselle...On the Contrary, Madame!' by Ms Indrani Mirajkar, secures a place in our elite list! Read More: Will there be love after an environmental apocalypse strikes? A new novel pops the question Source: Outlook India

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