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6 Must-Read Novels That Bring India To Life

6 Must-Read Novels That Bring India To Life
on Nov 26, 2019
6 Must-Read Novels That Bring India To Life
India is the most colorful country in the world. People love to travel and cover each and every aspect of this country. India’s major attraction for travel is history, culture, and food. There is so much to write about it. Many authors have penned down their research about this country.

A list of novels that tells the story of India in their way –

Nine Lives The book has nine different stories of nine different people who are spiritual in their own way. Author William Dalrymple described how modernization in India has affected and changed their lives. This book is a true reminder of why certain cultures still exist in our society and open our minds to view these people under a different light. Shantaram The novel tells the story of a convict who has escaped from Australia and finds himself in Mumbai, India. It is the journey of his life and discoveries. Our protagonist went to a village and came back with the name ‘Shantaram.’ Writer Gregory David Roberts has shown the beauty of Bombay and its people with Bombay ‘underworld’. Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found Another novel unfolds the Mumbai city by giving them insights about the criminal underworld of rival Muslim and Hindu gangs. Author Suketu Mehta digs into the dirt of inner sanctums of Bollywood. He also tells the story of countless people who came from a different city to Bombay in the hope of a new different life. Those people who came to the city with hopes and dreams and ended up living on sidewalks. All roads lead to Ganga Author Ruskin Bond has shared him all love for Himalaya and the nostalgic moments of his life in this book. He narrated the simple life up in the mountains and the beauty of sacred river Ganga through this incredible love story. Now the place has changed a lot since the time he has written this book if you want to experience the change and the beauty by yourself then, unfortunately, you have to travel and visit the place. Man-Eaters of Kumaon The book is the account of an experience that writer Jim Corbett had in the Kumaon region of India from the 1900s to the 1930s while hunting man-eating Bengal tigers. The story tells that Jim figured out that certain animals turn into man-eaters due to the steady disappearance of the forests for their game hunt, and hence started a national park of sorts back then in order to protect the helpless villagers as well. Sikkim: Requiem for the Himalayan Kingdom Author Andrew Duff tells the remarkable story of the last king of Sikkim with his American wife fought for Sikkim to be an independent country like Nepal and Bhutan but got caught up in Indian politics and it was annexed back in 1975. Based on interviews, archive research as well as a retracing of a journey the author's grandfather made in 1922, this is a thrilling, romantic and informative glimpse of life in Shangri La.

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