Frontlist | 5 recent books that will make you think and ponder

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My favorite books are always the ones that make you think. These new nonfiction releases are all about the twists and turns of life, and embracing adversity.

1. A Series of Fortunate Events: Chance and the Making of the Planet, Life, and You

While I’m waiting for another Bill Bryson book, this one is more than acceptable. It’s a history book about humanity told with wit and style.

2. The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life

This book is about the prisons we create in our own minds, something we can relate to fully right now. The author details her account being in a concentration camp and healing through pain.

3. The Moth and the Mountain: A True Story of Love, War, and Everest

What if you decided to jump on a plane and climb Mount Everest tomorrow? You might experience the same angst and mystery of 1930s adventurer Maurice Wilson, as explained in this account.

4. How I Learned to Understand the World: A Memoir

One of my favorite books of recent memory is called Factfulness. The author of that book wrote his memoir before he died of pancreatic cancer and it’s about a life of thoughtfulness.

5. Undaunted: My Fight Against America’s Enemies, At Home and Abroad

All politics aside, this is a detailed account of the inner workings of government, spy agencies, law enforcement, and political maneuvering from someone who lived it.

By: John Brandon (Forbs)

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