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3 Indian Doctors publishes a book on CoronaVirus

3 Indian Doctors publishes a book on CoronaVirus
on Mar 26, 2020
3 Indian Doctors publishes a book on CoronaVirus
Three Indian doctors come together to write a book on Coronavirus Practising physician and infectious disease specialist Dr Swapneil Parikh, medical researcher and clinical psychologist Maherra Desai, and Director Medical Research, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre and Neuropsychiatrist Dr Rajesh M. Parikh have written a book on the virus that has bought the world to a standstill. Titled, 'The Coronavirus: What You Need to Know about the Global Pandemic', it tells the history, evolution, facts and myths around the Covid-19 pandemic. The book aims to demystify the outbreak and debunk myths that are causing quite a frenzy worldwide. It also will deal with conspiracy theories around the disease and will talk about the probable economic, political and social fallout of the pandemic. One of the authors, Maherra Desai said, The situation we are in was inevitable. We have had multiple unheeded warnings. Are we willing to learn this time around? We are invincible only to the extent of our preparedness. She is a clinical psychologist and a medical researcher. She has excelled in academics and psychometrics and is the site manager of clinical research at the Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai. She is passionate about fitness, travel and voluntary social work.
Another one of the authors, Dr Swapneil Parikh says, ‘Either humanity changes its approach to pandemics or pandemics will devastatingly change humanity’. He is a practising physician in Mumbai and the co-founder of a healthcare startup. His practice focuses on reversing lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity. He is passionate about infectious diseases, medical literature and the future of technology in medicine.
According to Dr Rajesh M. Parikh, ‘It has been an incredible experience to work on this book. Getting to know the phenomenal courage and dedication of healthcare workers across the world has made us look with renewed respect at our nursing and paramedical staff. Milee Ashwarya has catalysed this book from conception to completion. Despite being in close proximity to my colleague Maherra Desai and son Swapneil or perhaps because of it, I had not truly appreciated their knowledge and capacity for tireless research and writing until we worked as a team. I like to believe that appreciating health care workers, my co-authors, publisher and the terribly awesome virus, all in less than 3 weeks, is a transformative experience.’ He is the Director of Medical Research and Honorary Neuropsychiatrist at the Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai. He trained and taught at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in the U.S. and at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. He has published research in leading international journals and is passionate about poetry, painting, photography, philosophy, linguistics, and aviation. He has cumulatively won over 200 awards in academics and in his diverse activities.
The book is published by Penguin Random House's imprint, Ebury Press and is due to release on 1st April 2020. It can be pre-ordered online and is already showing as a bestseller. Milee Ashwarya, Publisher, Ebury Publishing & Vintage Publishing, Penguin Random House India, said on the book, ‘We are currently in the grip of a global pandemic caused by Covid-19, and there is a lot of scattered information floating around leading to fear and panic. What we need most right now is credible information from professionals that can help us understand what Coronavirus is, and how we can prepare and protect ourselves against it. In this timely and useful book, Dr Swapneil Parikh, Maherra Desai, and Dr Rajesh Parikh explain the dos, don’ts, bust the myths, explain the history and evolution of the virus and share insights into what lies ahead for us. This is a must-read for everybody.’ Source: TOI

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