Frontlist | 3 books sure to make your new years reading resolution last

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It’s January and our New Year’s resolutions are fresh on our minds, and for a lot of people, those resolutions include reading more in 2021. Today’s three book recommendations can help you tackle that goal!

Ginnie West Adventure Series by Monique Bucheger (Book One: “The Secret Sisters Club”)

The first recommendation is a great way to not only encourage kids to read but also get them excited too. “Ginnie West Adventure” series – “Secret Sisters” – follows two girls: Ginnie West and Tillie Taylor. They are best friends and decide that they should be sisters. They hatch a plan to get Ginnie’s widowed father to marry Tillie’s divorced mother. But everything changes when Ginnie finds the journals of her birth mother that she never knew.

Young readers who love stories of friendship, adventure, and horses will love this book. And, with four books in the series, they’ll be coming back to make reading a lasting habit.

The Course of Fate Series by Steven Dunn Hanson (Book One: “Find”)

The next recommendation is for any adults who are trying to check more books off their reading list this year. It’s the perfect series for anyone that enjoys adventure, puzzles, and mysteries along the lines of Indiana Jones.

“The Course of Fate” Series by Steven Dunn Hanson opens with the first book “Find.” It follows an anthropologist named Nathan Hill. He is recruited for a mission to uncover a set of ancient manuscripts that slowly begins to reveal a myriad of ancient secrets involving everything from the Mayans to Mormons.

It’s a thrilling adventure full of puzzles, secrets, mysterious deaths, and so much more. Adult readers will love this story, especially for readers who are looking for “clean” material. There are three books out now, with a fourth

Instant Cooking with Six Sisters’ Stuff: A Fast, Easy, and Delicious Way to Feed Your Family by Six Sisters’ Stuff

The final recommendation is for anyone who made a New Year’s Resolution to cook more or learn how to cook! “Instant Cooking with Six Sisters’ Stuff: A Fast, Easy, and Delicious Way to Feed Your Family,” is the latest cook book from Six Sisters’ Stuff, which started as a cooking blog run by six actual sisters.

This cookbook focusses mainly on how to make fast, easy, and delicious meals using a multi-cooker like an Instant Pot. It’s a great tool to give new cooks the groundwork for cooking, and to give seasoned chefs new skills and recipes to master.



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