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12 Books for Toddlers to Teens That Will Have Kids Reading All Summer Long

12 Books for Toddlers to Teens That Will Have Kids Reading All Summer Long
on May 25, 2021
12 Books for Toddlers to Teens That Will Have Kids Reading All Summer Long
With summer break approaching, children may not want to continue reading. Encouraging your children to read throughout the summer will give them an advantage when they return to school. Here are some bestsellers we've found on Amazon that range from toddlers to teens and will engage kids' curiosity and help them develop a love of reading. 1. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom  
This Chicka Chicka Boom Boom pack contains three great books which help children age 3 to 5 develop language and numerical skills. The books tell the story of letters and numbers climbing a tree in a fun and entertaining way that will have your little one giggling while they learn.
2. Grumpy Monkey
The hilarious bestselling book has lovely illustrations and helps introduce the concept of mood and feeling to young children. The chimpanzee appears to be in a terrible mood for no good reason, with very funny consequences. Suitable for ages 3 to 7.
3. Scribble Stones
Teach kids age 2 to 6 to be kinder to one another with this heart-warming book, which tells the story of a painted stone that spreads kindness when he encounters a sad, grey stone
4. 101 Life Hacks
Older children age 8 to 12 will love learning how to simplify their lives with 101 Life Hacks. This practical book teaches kids to boost the power of their memory, cure brain freeze and recycle. A fun and educational book.
5. Narwhal and Jelly
Narwhal and Jelly is a very funny graphic novel aimed at 6 to 9-year-olds. This set includes three great books for your child to enjoy throughout the vacations and also comes with a free poster.
6. The Boy Who Never Gave Up
An inspiring and heartwarming story about following your dreams for children age 5 to 10. This book will be loved by any kids who are NBA fans.
7. Ivy and Bean
The Ivy and Bean secret treasure box set is perfect for independent readers age 6 to 10. Find out what happens when two 'weird' girls who are polar opposites become best friends with hilarious consequences.
8. Legend Of The Star Runner
This adventure-packed chapter book is perfect for children age 8 to 12 who get bored of reading quickly. The book includes over thirty mysteries to solve and clues to find in the illustrations.
9. Awesome Engineering
Engage your 5 to 10-year-olds minds and get them interested in engineering. This book is packed full of fun, educational and entertaining science and engineering projects.
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10. The Last Kids On Earth
The Last Kids on Earth is an apocalyptic adventure aimed at children ages 8 to 12. The last kids on earth is a New York Times bestseller, and this set contains three great books to entertain your kids this summer.
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11. Wings Of Fire
Wings of Fire is a page-turning set of five books containing waring dragons, adventure, and a quest for freedom. This absorbing book is perfect for the 8 to 12-year-olds in your life.
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12. Shades Of Magic
Set on the streets of London, this three-book box set is full of magic and adventure. These books have a fast paced plot which moves between parallel realms; perfect for teenagers and young adults.

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