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10 World Book Day Activities That Are Perfect For The Literary Enthusiasts

10 World Book Day Activities That Are Perfect For The Literary Enthusiasts
on Apr 23, 2021
10 World Book Day Activities That Are Perfect For The Literary Enthusiasts
Whoever does not believe in magic has never read a good book. In fact, books play a huge role in our personal journeys and who we become. Recognising this fact, World Book Day is celebrated each year on April 23rd. Organised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation UNESCO, the day is dedicated to spread the joy of reading and providing children across the world with an opportunity to have their own books. The day is all about authors, poets, books and, of course, the readers. In order to mark the day this year, we have curated a list of some interesting World Book Day activities that book lovers are sure to enjoy. Read on!

World Book Day Activities

The easiest way to multiply the joy of reading is by sharing it and this World Book Day we are going to help you with exactly that. Below are some ideas for World Book Day activities that you’ll surely thank us for. 

Fun Games To Play On World Book Day

Like everything as intense and dramatic as your favourite book characters? Here are some world book day games that you will thoroughly enjoy:

Relay Stories: In case you are looking for unique ideas for world book day activities, the relay story game might be your jam. Think of it as a spontaneous poetry slam. You can start off the story with a paragraph and then ask the participants to build on it one after the other. Fantasy themes generally work great for this story and you are sure to end up with a masterpiece to remember as the participants think on their toes and create a unique tale. Write Your Own Story: On this World Book Day, how about we sow the seed of our story, possibly a book into making. The idea is simple: select 2-3 themes and ask the participants to create their own story based on the same. You can send the invites perhaps a couple of days earlier and give them the time to come with something brilliant. The participants can then share their stories with each other. This is a great World Book Day activity that would also fuel creativity. Dumb Charades With A Twist: PSA-this activity is for the pros only and anyone who is even slightly iffy about their knowledge of classics would be setting themselves us for colossal failure if they agree to this World Book Day activity. That established it’s pretty simple actually: think of it as dumb charades but with book names. You can divide the party into two groups and each team can take turns. Guess The Book: Okay so we just talked about dumb charades with a twist, right? Well, think of this World Book Day game as the advanced form of dumb charades. However, instead of emoting books, the participants would be required to repeat an iconic quote from some of the well-known classics. Whichever team gets the most number of books right, wins.

Online Activities For World Book Day

The COVID-19 pandemic got nothing on book lovers but chances are that they anyway prefer staying indoors and indulge in their favourite book instead of going out to a club and partying. Also, you can tots celebrate World Book Day with your friends from the confines of your homes. So here are some World Book Day online activities that you might find interesting: 

Write A Paper: In case you are looking for World Book Day activities that are a great learning experience for the participants then we suggest that you explore the idea of paper writing. Here’s what you’d have to do: in the event invite, mention 4-5 classics that everyone must have read and give them two days time to write a research paper on the same. The participants can then create PPT out of these papers and present them. You can also keep prizes for the best presentation, the most unique insight, etc. This is a great World Book Day activity for adults and children alike. Rethinking Your Favourite Literature Characters: All of us see a little bit of ourselves in our favourite book characters, right? Well, here is your chance to make your favourite character a little more like you. All you’d have to do is pick up one of your favourite literary characters and then change them a little as per your personal preference. From their outfits to their accents, everything is up for a revamp here. It is an amazing World Book Day online activity and you’d love this! Six-Word Story: Ernest Hemingway is a great literary inspiration and this time we are borrowing a World Book Day creative activity idea from him. Just like his famous six-word stories, the participants would be required to create mini six-word long stories. You can also play this game in rounds with a specific theme allocated to each one of them and then give the participants 10 minutes to come up with their mini-stories. Virtual Book Club Meeting: The pandemic put a pause on a lot of our cherished activities, book club meetings being one of them. Well, this World Book Day activity idea, ends that problem for once and for all. It is high time you start your virtual book club and what better day than World Book Day itself? All you gotta do is send out invites to your regular book club members and anyone else who loves books. You’ll be amazed by the turn-up. Letter To The Author: Reading a book is so much more than just reading the story. It is like living that story and thinking about all the “what ifs” that could have happened if the author would have thought differently. And it is like having a conversation with the author themselves. In case you agree, here is a World Book Day activity idea that you are sure to like: get the participants to write a letter to their favourite contemporary author and then send out these letters via email. Well, this has all the potential of making some serious magic. Think about this: what if your favourite author actually ends up replying?

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