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Frontlist | 10 comics to read if you like DC’s Endless Winter

Frontlist | 10 comics to read if you like DC’s Endless Winter
on Jan 11, 2021
Frontlist | 10 comics to read if you like DC’s Endless Winter

While Endless Winter has proven less ever-lasting than the title would suggest, but that does not mean the good times have to end.

Justice League: Endless Winter finally came to an end, and in the aftermath, fans may very well be left wanting more. The Justice League just fought against the Frost King, an enemy from the distant past who threatened to plunge the whole world into an unending wintry apocalypse. It also resurrected an old hero from way back--Jon the Viking Prince. While Endless Winter has proven less ever-lasting than the title would suggest, but that does not mean the good times have to end, as there are quite a number of comics that fans of DC's recent crossover will absolutely love.

Justice League: The Totality

The Justice League protect the Earth from all threats. In Endless Winter, the threat in question was a forgotten Viking Age metapowered master of the cold who threatened to sink the planet into an endless ice age. In “The Totality,” they fight against the very nature of the multiverse itself. This comic marks the beginning of Scott Snyder, Jorge Jimenez, and Jim Cheung’s fantastic Justice League run, exploring the secret forces lying beneath the fabric of reality. Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, Superman, and especially Batman are all at their best as they and other heroes face off against their greatest enemies: the Legion of Doom.

JSA By Geoff Johns

Before there was the Justice League, the original superhero team was the Justice Society of America. Created back in the 40s, this team has been around quite a while, but some of their original members are still kicking. However, new younger generations of heroes have also stepped up to replace their parents, grandparents, and other predecessors in the fight for justice.

Demon Knights

Just as Endless Winter partnered the Justice League with older heroes from the Viking Age, the Demon Knights were a team of heroes (and antiheroes) during the High Middle Ages who fought against dragons, vampires, and even the devil. The team includes such noteworthy characters as Madame Xanadu, Etrigan the Demon, and Shining Knight—all members of King Arthur’s Court—as well the sinister and untrustworthy Vandal Savage. It also introduces amazing new characters like the amazon warrior Exoristos, the polymath inventor al-Jabr, and a mysterious figure only known as the Horsewoman in some of the darkest and most ingenious stories in the history of the DC Universe.


Endless Winter was a DC story, but there are stories from other companies just as enjoyable to anyone that liked reading Endless Winter. The most notable example from Marvel is an old classic: Doomquest. In this tale, Iron Man and Doctor Doom are thrown back into time and arrive at the court of King Arthur, fighting over the fate of Camelot in a clash whose effects ripple across the ages.

Broken Trinity

This Image Comics classic is part of the shared Top Cow universe of comics like The Witchblade and The Darkness, but if you aren’t familiar with those books, then don’t worry: Broken Trinity is the perfect jumping-on place. The story opens with a fight in the Viking Age between a wintry frost giant and a fiery dragon, and is written by Ron Marz—one of the writers of Endless Winter. The story also takes place in the present as ancient mystical forces fight in the streets of New York.

The War That Time Forgot

On a remote island, soldiers from across time become engaged in combat, taken from different corners of the DC Universe. Among the combatants are the Roman character Golden Gladiator, the WWI pilot Enemy Ace, and (of course) the Viking Prince who was so central to the plot of Endless Winter. This all happens in the 2008 miniseries The War That Time Forgot, where Golden Gladiator and Viking Prince ride dinosaurs into battle, but the miniseries is named after an older comic from 1960.

JLA: Tower Of Babel

The JLA story “Tower of Babel” by Mark Waid, Steve Scott, and Howard Porter is one of the definitive Justice League stories, having been an instant classic from the moment it was first released. Batman has a plan for everything. When the members of the Justice League are being taken down one by one, he realizes that the villains are using the very contingency plans he created in case anyone on the team went rogue. This story was adapted into the animated film Justice League: Doom, but there is nothing like the original.


This indie comic written and drawn by Natasha Alterici has a little bit of everything. Action. Romance. Magic. Myths. The story follows a Viking shieldmaiden who sets out to pursue a romance with the Valkyrie Brynhild (who famously appeared in Wagner’s Ring Cycle, which in turn is inspired by the story recorded in Volsunga Saga). This is one of those books you never knew you needed.

War Of The Realms

The crossover event The War of the Realms is the culmination of half a decade of stories about the Marvel version of Thor by writer Jason Aaron. The different realms invade Earth. Punisher hunts frost giants from Jotunheim in the streets of New York. The evil corporation Roxxon aligns with the dark elves against humanity. Valkyries bleed out in the streets. Daredevil temporarily is given the powers of a god. And then there is Marvel’s Thor at the center of it all, standing against this invasion by the armies of Malekith the Accursed.

Dark Nights Metal

There are few DC stories quite as crazy—or as good—as Dark Nights Metal. This book pits Batman against nightmare versions of himself from the Dark Multiverse as his worst fears do not merely come to life, but take over the universe. This comic is insane in the best ways possible. The story explores infinite possibilities in a fight for infinite stakes while still feeling grounded in the main DC Universe.   Source: CBR.com

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