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10 Comic Heroes That Belong In A Horror Movie

10 Comic Heroes That Belong In A Horror Movie
on May 17, 2021
10 Comic Heroes That Belong In A Horror Movie
Comics have become one of the most fertile grounds for movie ideas. People love the heroes of Marvel and DC, having followed their adventures in comics, movies, and TV shows. However, one genre that has found itself underserved by superheroes is the horror genre. This is weird considering horror has become such an integral part of comics. The great thing about many superheroes is that they can work as either heroes or villains in a horror film, as the best of them are multi-faceted characters who have proven quite versatile over the years.

Superman Doesn't Seem Like He Would Work In A Horror Movie But He Would

Superman hasn't had a lot of luck in movies recently. There are a lot of reasons for this, as many Superman stories are basically unfilmable. Superman in a horror movie seems a little weird, unless he's the hero, but there are all kinds of ways a Superman horror movie could work. While Superman is pretty much the greatest hero of them all, it wouldn't take much to make him one of the scariest beings around. Whether it be mind control, a strange alien virus, or an evil multiversal version of Supes, a Superman horror movie with Superman as the villain could work brilliantly.

Batman Is Basically A Boogeyman For Criminals Anyway

Batman is known for having frightening villains, but he himself can be quite terrifying. Batman is one of the scariest heroes in the DC Universe and a Batman-fronted horror movie could go an unconventional direction with the Dark Knight. Instead of focusing on Batman, the movie could focus on a hapless criminal, one who works for one of Batman's foes, as he tries to deal with the fear of the Caped Crusader. Flipping the script like this would make the film extremely interesting and make for a Batman movie unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. Sure, one could have Batman battling supernatural forces in a horror movie but having Batman as the monster? That's a story worth telling.

Blade Has Been In Movies But Never An Actual Horror Movie

Blade's entire MO is fighting vampires and yet his movies rarely were actual horror movies. Instead, they were basic superhero action movies, albeit at a time when such movies were out of vogue. While he's getting an MCU movie, it's highly doubtful that Disney will allow it to be any other kind of movie than a superhero movie with some light horror elements. That is a waste of the character; Blade is known for killing his vampiric foes and putting him in a movie against vampires that are more horrific than usual would be great. Blade losing control and embracing his vampire side would also make for a great movie, allowing him to become the very thing he hunted.

Doctor Strange Will Never Get The Horror Movie He Deserves

Doctor Strange is another hero who has found his way to the MCU but isn't going to get used in a horror movie like he should be. While it's been teased, everyone knows that there will be nothing even remotely scary about any Doctor Strange movie, even with horror maven Sam Raimi directing. This is a tragedy, since he's tailor made for this kind of thing. The magic side of Marvel Universe is rife with potential for a horror movie, but it's doubtful that Disney would allow its family-friendly cash cow to go too far in that direction. A Doctor Strange horror movie has so much potential, but it doesn't look like it's in the cards.

Ghost Rider's Demonic Nature Makes Him Great Fodder For A Horror Movie

Ghost Rider is one of the most terrifying vigilantes in the Marvel Universe and has always been involved in the more horror-oriented side of the Marvel Universe. A return to the cinemas has been rumored for a bit now and while a superhero movie with him would be great, a horror movie would be even better for Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider is a perfect horror movie character, trying to control the more terrible side of himself and do the right thing. He's a force of vengeance and vengeance can go either way. There are a lot of interesting options for a Ghost Rider horror movie that will probably never see the light of day.

Detective Chimp Deserves A Movie And Horror Is His Thing

Detective Chimp was shunted over to the mystical side of DC Universe in the run-up to Infinite Crisis and has proven at home there. Detective Chimp deserves a movie but almost certainly will never get one- he's a talking chimp who smokes and drinks and is one of the greatest detectives ever, which that's a hard sell. If the universe was ever graced with a Detective Chimp movie, it should definitely be a horror movie. Seeing Detective Chimp going up against some of the most horrific threats imaginable, with only his wits to get him through the whole thing, would be great and a completely different kind of horror movie starring a comic character.

Zatanna Would Be The Perfect Hero For A Horror Movie

Zatanna is one of the most powerful magical heroes in the DC Universe, using her powers to do some great- and not so great- things. She's been dealing with the magical side of things for years and would be perfect for a horror movie. Zatanna's innocent, fresh-faced demeanor makes her an amazing heroine for just about any type of horror movie. She could work in a slasher movie, in a psychological horror movie, and more. She's dealt with all kinds of terrible, horrific threats and her powers give her the ability to face down everything from unstoppable killing machines to demonic overlords.

Spider-Man Would Be Great In A Cronenberg Style Body Horror Film

Spider-Man may seem more like the type of hero to fight monsters but he could actually be made into one for a horror movie. Spider-Man's powers and body have gone through a lot of changes over the years and one time he gained six arms, making him more like a spider. This type of thing is perfect fodder for a body horror film. Imagine a Spider-Man who keeps mutating, losing more and more of his humanity, trying to reverse the process so he doesn't become a literal spider man? The whole thing just about writes itself and would be an out of left field choice for a Spider-Man movie.

Wolverine Could Work As The Hero Or Villain Of A Horror Movie

Wolverine is a character that has gone through a lot of changes over the years and this makes him perfect for all kinds of movies, including horror movies. One idea for a Wolverine horror movie could be something simple, seeing him fighting some kind of monster, be it supernatural, alien, or created by humans. However, another would be with a feral Wolverine as the villain. Immediately after his Weapon X escape, Wolverine was a feral monster and this version of the character would be excellent as a horror movie antagonist, perhaps starring James and Heather Hudson, his future Alpha Flight teammates Guardian and Vindicator, trying to stop him.

Hulk Is Already One Of The Greatest Monsters In Comics

There have been lots of versions of the Hulk over the years but one thing they all have in common is a predilection towards rage. This tendency has led the Hulk to become one of the greatest monsters in comics, one who does way more damage than he prevents. The success of The Immortal Hulk shows just how well the character does in a horror environment, so a horror movie with the Hulk as a villain would be perfect. While there's pretty much no chance of it ever happening, a movie with a rampaging Hulk as the villain would be great. Or the movie could take a page from The Immortal Hulk. Either way, a Hulk horror movie would be great. Source: https://www.cbr.com/ 

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