• Friday, April 12, 2024

PVLF 2024 | Day 4 | PVLF Junior - Children's Book Storytelling

Explore the enchanting world of children's literature with PVLF 2024's special session, featuring authors Deepa Agarwal, Stuti Gupta, and Ridhaan Jaiin.
on Apr 02, 2024

On Day 4 of PVLF 2024, attendees enjoyed a delightful journey into children's literature with our special PVLF Junior session, "Children's Book Storytelling." Distinguished authors Deepa Agarwal, Stuti Gupta, and Ridhaan Jaiin unraveled the magic behind crafting stories that captivate and inspire young readers. From whimsical tales to thought-provoking adventures, the session explored how children's literature evolved to resonate with today's young minds. It was a celebration of creativity, imagination, and the profound impact literature can have on our little ones.


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