• Saturday, June 10, 2023

Kargil by Neil Daswani

In grateful memory of the 559 gallant brave hearts and the troops that won the Kargil War
on Aug 01, 2022


City of Kargil
hidden in the hills
between the Leh
and Balistan tehsils 
hot summer days 
yet, nights get chill 
high above the Suru valley 
where the river flows

the summer of 1999 
an act of war, treachery 
our enemy breached the line 
they crept across the LoC

hidden high in the hills 
where from this vantage 
they fired on our men
all hell broke loose 
a ceaseless carnage 
slowly, tightening the noose

but … inch by inch 
our brave jawans fought back
crawling up the hilly track 
to regain the ground 
that had been lost 
their claw back was steady
… but what a heavy cost

their only mission 
being to oust the foe
fear was one thing
they did not know

so many fell 
along the way 
others lived to tell
us of that July day when
jet fighters and brave men
routed our rivals 
who began to flee 
victory then took its final stride 
as we reclaimed the mountain side

                                   -Neil Daswani 

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