• Thursday, August 11, 2022

We are India's leading and one of the very few information online portals for Indian Publishing. We provide comprehensive information for the reader, writer, publisher, or the critique in you. Frontlist is also a platform to promote and market debut and seasoned authors to enhance their public visibility and promote Indian Literature across the world. The Mission is simply to inculcate the love of writing, the internal mind of authors and discussing and covering pivotal topics from all around the world.

Frontlist Media provides packages such as Author of the week, Author of the month, Book of the week, Book launch to the authors for branding.

1. Author Of The Week: A week-long promotion of the author with their latest book is included in the promotion.

2. Author Of The Month: One month long promotion is included on website and on social media channels with more benefits is included in the month promotion.

3. Book Of The Week: One week long promotion of the concerned book with the author.

4. Book Launch: 10 Days of ultimate promotion and launching of the book is included in this package.

For more information about the package, Email us at info@frontlist.in