ZP to hand out revision practical books for Classes 1-8 in ₹1 crore project

PUNE In a bid to help the students from rural areas of Pune district, Pune Zilla Parishad’s education department is handing out “revision practical books” to students from Class 1 to 8 for this academic year

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Learning from last year’s experience of issues with online education, this decision has been taken as many students were unable to study online due to issues with online connectivity. Funds of 1 crore for this quarter have been allocated for this project.

“We realised that there are several issues and practical problems which students face while having online education. According to our study survey of last year’s studies, of a total of 232,000 students in Pune ZP 70,000 students were unable to study online. Also there is no accountability for students and nor for teachers. Children of Class 1 to 8 hardly study properly and parents need to be with them while online classes are going on,” said Ranjit Shivatare, vice-president of Pune Zilla Parishad.

“We are now going to provide a physical revision practical book to each and every student from Class 1 to 8 for this academic year. These practical books will be subject-wise, and it will be delivered to the doorstep of every student. Teachers will be given the responsibility to take classes as per this practical book.” he added.

Meanwhile to make it easy for students, Pune ZP is also developing a new mobile application. Through this app, a subject or a chapter will be taught in multiple ways, by adding videos, diagrams, pictures and audios.

When asked about the implementation of this project, Shivatare said, “This project will start from this academic year, it will be on quarterly basis and our books are being checked and will now go for printing. In next 15 days the printing of these books will be completed and the project will be launched in all the schools of Pune ZP. In this quarter we have alloted 1 crore funds for this project and as per the further requirement more funds will be allocated in next quarter.”

While students and parents have welcomed this move, Shantaram Kandale, a parent from Indapur taluka said, “Both my son and daughter, who are in Class 1 and 4 respectively, are struggling to study in online mode. We have only one smartphone at home and their school classes are mostly at the same time. Now if they get books at home, then it would certainly make studies easy for them.”

Source: HindustanTimes

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