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Frontlist | “The Cartel Workers” becomes a National Bestseller

Frontlist | “The Cartel Workers” becomes a National Bestseller
on Feb 17, 2021
Frontlist | “The Cartel Workers” becomes a National Bestseller
Author Aditya Mishra launched his second novel ‘The Cartel Workers” on 13th February 2021. Within hours of its release, the crime thriller became a huge hit, selling hundreds of copies, entering various bestsellers lists on Amazon. It became the #1 Bestseller in categories like Crime and Thriller, Young Adult Fiction, and lists like Hot New Releases, making it bag the title of a National Bestseller. Aditya, 19, is now the Youngest National Bestselling Author in India. It is the biggest achievement that an Author, especially of his age can get. His first book, ‘Shadows’ is also a crime thriller, which went on to become an Amazon Bestseller just a month after the release. Presently, he is the Senior Editor at the up and coming publishing house ‘Penzone Publishers’, where he has worked with many renowned authors, garnering loads of experience in the process. The young author passed out from ‘Amity International School, Vasundhara 6’ in 2020, and is now studying English and Political Science at ARSD College, University of Delhi. “Before I wrote these 2 books, I never considered myself as a writer. In fact, I’ve never written essays or blogs like most authors do. Becoming a novelist was never a goal for me. I just developed a passion for storytelling. I had this great plot in my mind, and wanted it to reach other people somehow. And then the lockdown came, which made me pen down this novel. Luckily, it got selected by a traditional publisher and soon became an Amazon Bestseller too. Once it became a hit, I decided to write another one, and then another. I’m grateful for all the success that I’ve achieved, really,” Mishra told Newstracklive. “The Cartel Workers” is a fiction novel set in Alaska, California, and Mexico, which mainly revolves around the Mexican Drug Cartel, focuses on how the crime organization operates, and how the protagonist Aiden survives the life as a Cartel Worker, attempting to revenge the lives of those he lost because of the Cartel. The author did not shy away from portraying gruesome violence and using expletives. The gripping narration style and enthralling plot makes the readers feel as if they are watching a Hollywood movie. The novel has received a very positive response from the readers, and is available for purchase on Amazon. Read More: Cambridge International is first education board to embrace NEP 2020 Source: News Track Online

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