Sharjah Book Authority: ‘You’re Into Books’ Reading Campaign

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Tailored to play in multiple markets and across a range of media channels, Ahmed Al Ameri’s new Sharjah Book Authority initiative targets readers’ favorite topics.

longer—much longer—than the industry of books has dealt with digitization or online piracy or the rise of retail platforms, it has dealt with what might be called its optics problem.

Even publishing professionals can be heard proudly calling avid young readers “bookworms,” not realizing that sensitive young souls may not feel the optics of that compliment put them where they’d like to be, with the cool kids. And at its worst, the trend gets us into bullying—at all ages. You don’t have to be a youngster to feel the chill of criticism, we’ve all heard it:

  • “You’re always reading, you egghead.”
  • “You’re so antisocial, you like your books better than people.”
  • “Why don’t you stop reading so much and get a life?”

And that’s what makes the Sharjah Book Authority’s new pro-reading campaign so interesting. Arrive at the authority’s home page, and you’re looking at a shot of a fine horseman’s stable room and the campaign’s slogan, If you’re into something, you’re into books. In other words, whatever your interest may be, there’s a book about it.

The campaign, activated on Sunday (August 15) features signage in various parts of the emirate and, reportedly, in several Arab cities. It uses social media outreach, and, of course, video.

Source- Publishing Perspectives

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