About PVLF 2023

PVLF 2023 is organized by Frontlist Media (India's #1 news E-Portal for the Publishing Industry) & hosted at PragatiE (one of the world's leading virtual exhibitions platform).

This edition of PragatiE Vichaar Literature Festival shall have a 6 Days Author’s Marathon dedicated to provide authors with a forum to market themselves.

PVLF Excellence Awards shall have PVLF Author Excellence Awards, PVLF Readers' Choice Book Awards and PVLF People’s Choice Publisher Awards. Nielsen will be the knowledge partner this year as well ensuring the awards are 100% reliable with their BookScan Data.

Why you should join PVLF 2023?

PVLF is dedicated to enhancing Dialogue, Literature, Free Speech, Storytelling and promotion of the world’s most powerful tool of communication that is literary works.

True data based awards, powered by Nielsen BookScan

Nielsen is assuring the awards are 100 percent reliable with their bookscan data


Platform for new and debut Authors

PVLF undoubtedly works with a single aim to give space to authors in getting recognition


Engaging interactions and discussions

With the theme of 'TAKING HUMANITY FORWARD', Author's marathon will focus on meaningful panel Discussions and monologue.


Global Reach

Our PVLF will be reaching out to a lot of people globally just like last year


PVLF Excellence Awards 2022

Conceptualized by Frontlist, Nielsen as knowledge partner and hosted by PragatiE.

A one of its kind awards that are purely data driven, powered by Nielsen BookScan Data. There were awards for Publishers, Authors and Books under multiple categories.






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Sessions of PVLF 2022

  1. Inauguration Of PragatiE Vichaar Literature Festival | PVLF 2022
  2. Author Suman Ghosh talks on "The Life Of Soumitra Chatterjee" at PVLF 2022
  3. Author Deepak M R talks on "The Courage Of Abhimanyu" at PVLF 2022
  4. Rasheed Kidwai in conversation with Priya Sahgal on "The House Of Scindias: Rasheed's View" at PVLF
  5. Author Debashish Mukerji talks on "The 8th Prime Minister" at PVLF 2022
  6. Author Dr. K. Vijayakarthikeyan talks on "Crime and Cricket - Do They Go Hand in Hand" at PVLF 2022
  7. Author Sanchit Gupta talks on "Does Passion Pay" at PVLF 2022
  8. Author Gaurav Gupta talks on the topic "Cyber Security- Know the Unknown" at PVLF 2022
  9. Author Sujata Parashar talks on "Single Parenting & Its challenges" at PVLF 2022
  10. Author Sidhartha Mallya talks on the topic "Is Honesty a Crime ?" at PVLF 2022
  11. Author Prafull Goradia talks on the topic "Sardar Patel" with Frontlist Team at PVLF 2022
  12. Author Aparna Sundaresan talks on the topic "Story Telling and Imagination" at PVLF 2022
  13. Author Nishtha Anand talks on "Awakening The Rainmaker" at PVLF 2022 with Frontlist Team
  14. Author Rishi Raj talks on "The India China Conflict The 1962 War" at PVLF 2022
  15. Author Neha Sharma talks on "Is there such a thing as a Twinflame" at PVLF 2022
  16. Sumit Ghosal talks on Grey Shades - The Murder Mystery Detective Story with Vineetha Mokkil at PVLF
  17. Author Kapil Gupta talks on the topic "Equality in 21st Century" with Frontlist Team at PVLF 2022
  18. Sanjana Kapur talks on "Humility, Hanuman - The Essence Of Being Human" at PVLF 2022
  19. Author Ramesh Arreja talks on "Battling Your Inner Demons" at PVLF 2022 with Frontlist Team
  20. Sai Swaroopa Iyer talks on "Iron Leg Avishi - What does it take to overcome fear" at PVLF 2022
  21. Prof. A.K. Ghosh talks on "Has The English Language Been Corrupted Beyond Repair?" at PVLF 2022
  22. Author Vignesh Sivasankar talks on the topic "The Paranormal Stories, do ghosts Exist?" at PVLF 2022
  23. Kaveree Bamzai talks on "Do we really need guilt in our lives ?" at PVLF 2022
  24. Dr. Ankur Gupta talks on the topic "Kavitayein" at PVLF 2022 with Frontlist Team
  25. Komal Narwani talks on "Struggle for India's independence These Shero’s Contribution" at PVLF 2022
  26. Amitava Nag talks on "Tapan Sinha & Bengali Cinema - The Evolution" at PVLF 2022
  27. Author Kiran Manral talks on "Hallucination vs Reality" with Frontlist Team at PVLF 2022
  28. Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih talks on "Around The Fire, we Learnt About Death" at PVLF 2022
  29. Devika Soni talks on the topic "The Tinkle comic series" at PVLF 2022 with Frontlist Team
  30. Ankit Roy talks on "Sustainabilty Warriors" at PVLF 2022 with Frontlist Team
  31. Kia Scherr talks on "Luck, courage & resilience -The Story From Inside A Terror Attack" at PVLF 2022
  32. Bhaswar Mukherjee talks on "India's Challenge With Financial Scam: Give My Money Back" at PVLF 2022
  33. Vaibhav Purandare talks on "Hitler's Thoughts On India" at PVLF 2022 with Frontlist Team
  34. Author Samir Soni talks on "Discovering The Real You" at PVLF 2022
  35. Debalina Haldar talks on "Changing Face of Human Emotions By Location and Time" at 2022
  36. Manan Bhatt talks on "Changing Paradigm of India's Foreign Policy" at PVLF 2022
  37. Krithika Nair talks on "The Magic Of Folklore" at PVLF 2022
  38. Imtiaz Anees talks on "My Journey to Olympics on a Horse" at PVLF 2022
  39. Author C P Surendran talks on "Surviving in a Deranged World" at PVLF 2022 with Frontlist Team
  40. Aanchal Arora talks on "Blooming to Become complete- The essence of Poetry" at PVLF 2022
  41. Dr. Rashmi talks on "The Life of Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa" at PVLF 2022
  42. Hema Myer Sood in conversation with Meenakshi Sharma on "The Teachings of the Geeta" at PVLF 2022
  43. Karan Puri talks on "Me Too - The Society's Response!" at PVLF 2022
  44. Kavita Krishnan talks on "Those who give up freedom for safety get neither" at PVLF 2022
  45. Krishna Udayasankar, Jaishankar Krishnamurthy talk on "In Search of My Brother’s Murderer" at PVLF
  46. Sarbpreet Singh talks on "Ram Gayo, Raavan Gayo - What do we fight for when death is inevitable?"
  47. Shashank Shekhar Sinha talks on "History of Monuments" at PVLF 2022
  48. Suresh Nair talks on "Philosophy, Adventure- A Story Of Nalanda" at PVLF 2022
  49. Tuhin A. Sinha talks on "Tribal Heroes Of India's Independence- What Can We Learn?" at PVLF 2022
  50. PVLF Excellence Awards | Interview with Shalini Chhabra Jain | Best Debut Non Fiction
  51. PVLF Excellence Awards 2022 | Interview with Sujata Parashar | Best Non Fiction | Indian Authors
  52. PVLF Excellence Awards 2022 | Interview with Ashraf Karayath | Winner of Best Debut Fiction
  53. PVLF Excellence Awards 2022 | Umang Thakore | Chief Operating Officer of Repro Books
  54. PVLF excellence Awards 2022 | McGraw Hill | Top Publishers

Faces of PragatiE Vichaar Literature Festival

Taking Humanity Forward

Here is the list of themes that will be there in the PVLF 2023 Author’s Marathon.

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