(New Age Equality)

As you read this book, your concept of equality and your concept of India will change. The book deeply explores India and what it means for different people. Is it the land or the people; if it’s the people, then which people? Who defines and completes India?

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About the Author (Kapil Gupta)

A marketeer to the core, Kapil Gupta is an entrepreneur, both in thought and in style who believes that the power of a message & its delivery is what causes true revolutions. Kapil Gupta is a parallel entrepreneur who believes in providing true meaning to the various organizations he runs and builds them in sync with one another. He jokingly calls himself the jack of all trades and a master of some. He is the founder and the CEO of OMLogic (India’s leading digital marketing agencies), PragatiE (a virtual exhibition platform), Frontlist (portal for the publishing industry), Solh (a mental wellness platform & his current passion project), Advit Toys (a board games company).

Kapil is a true believer in new-age equality, which for him is deep rooted in providing equal opportunity to all. He believes that the current world of equality is still a 20th century way of working, which is rotten with personal benefits in the forms of subsidies & reservations (women, LGBTQ, religion, race, caste, region based). For true equality, everybody MUST be treated equally Period.

About the Co-Author (Bhushan Bhati)

A born critic, Bhushan has been analyzing things since he was 10. A 22 year old journalism graduate, you might wonder what he knows about the world & you will be right, not much, but enough to make a difference. His ability to simplify things gives him an edge when it comes to communicating with the masses. A behind the doors activist, the reason why he has authored this book is because he believes in unlearning. Another reason why he chose to work with Kapil is because they seldom agree on anything, which is why they have been able to fine tune this book.

A debater of sorts, Bhushan is known to never back down from an argument, no matter how heated it may get, provided that he knows what he is speaking about, because do keep in mind that he is still learning. His experiences in life have been starkly different from anybody else, an entrepreneur at 13, he built a business from scratch when most kids were just playing video games, and surprisingly in the field of video games. A communicator and a people's person, he is currently working as an EA to Kapil and hopes to delve into the world of public policy once he has grown enough, both in terms of knowledge and understanding.


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Discussion on two favourite chapters

Equality & Entitlement:

Equality is not creating an environment where everyone gets everything. Equality is not food security, equality is not farm waivers, equality is not subsidies, equality is not free this and free that. Simply put, equality is equal opportunity.

Women Empowerment:

Women empowerment could be about justifying the gap between a nurse’s and an engineer's salary, it can’t be about making an equal number of nurses and engineers. That will be a biological anomaly. Every girl interested in becoming an engineer should become an engineer and that’s equality, but promoting housewives as disempowered is as wrong as promoting house husbands as henpecked.

Message from Author Kapil Gupta

"The rights of today have the ability to become the problems of tomorrow.”

What's right for you might be wrong for someone else. What works in your favour might not fit well for your neighbour. What you find perfectly fine might provoke someone to splits! So how do we demarcate what's RIGHT and what's NOT?

If this book and the excerpt above piqued your interest, there's a lot more for you.

About the Book

Equality, a fickle concept. What is equality for you? Kapil's concept, 'New Age Equality' doesn't offer anybody special privileges based on something that may have happened a century back, it doesn't give reservations or subsidies or special rights just because some great great grandfather had to suffer back when some king was ruling. New Age Equality doesn't give a pedestal just because there are enough people asking for it, nor does it submit to the whims or fancies of whichever mob you might belong to. Simply put, New Age Equality is an equal opportunity for all.

As you read this book, your concept of equality and your concept of India may change. Kapil deeply explores India and what it means for different people. Is it the land or the people; if it’s the people, then which people? Who defines and completes India?

As you read through this book, some of this will get answered and what doesn’t get answered will remain as an enquiry for the readers to define for themselves. And that’s the beauty of it. You get to define it for yourself.

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An interview with Kapil Gupta & Bhushan Bhati

We had a small interview with author & co-author, Some portions of the interview is added for our visitors.

Equality in the 19th, 20th century was about reservations, subsidies, uplifting the oppressed. However, 21st century equality is equal treatment for everyone. Forget the past. Treat everyone equally. No special status, neither to the rich, nor the poor. Some special instruments can be brought in to curb the rich getting richer (read the chapter on India’s anti-socialism).

I will be surprised, rather than offended myself if some readers don’t get offended. :) Well, people get offended by almost anything these days but that is not going to be a matter of concern for me. My book reeks of truth and if that is offensive for anybody, they’re welcome to it. But I think it's a must read.

I don’t think anyone is informed enough to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’. The problem is never in such schemes, it's in their implementation. I truly believe that minimum government intervention in the corporate world is indeed the right thing but that shouldn’t come at the behest of creating a monopoly in the hands of some crony capitalists.

Well, the first problem is that such statements are usually made up by the media, not by the Taliban. Afghanistan is a very badly understood country, especially by the western media. Taliban 2.0 is unknown right now, we will have to wait and see. What is important is that they are popular and strong enough to take over the entire country within 10 days. Such support!

Well, I sincerely believe marriage is an archaic institute and an antiquated contract. It needs to evolve. You need to see my truth shots and the 4 people theory as it relates to marital relationships

When things are truly bad, just put your head down and forget everything. This too shall pass!