The War of Canneti

Do you know what the world would be like if we allow global warming to take its toll? How would humans survive, where would they go? Imagine humans trying to manage the situation but only making it worse. That happens! We all make mistakes. But we get up and do what is right. Like a hero! And anyone who wants to be inspired can read the book - The War of Canneti.

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war of canneti
Ankit Roy

About the Author

Ankit Roy is an author of thrillers for both adults and teens. He was born in Bhopal and has lived most of his life there. When not writing, he can be found installing solar panels, working in his garage converting two wheels to electric and haunting local bookstores.

There’s an interesting story on how Roy became an author. After his masters from the National Institute of Technology (Bhopal) in 2012, Roy started working with a company in Mumbai where he was closely involved in the power sector, and the job made him want to explore sustainable energy solutions for homes.

In 2016, he moved back to Bhopal and soon began the process of installing a solar panel on his rooftop. However, some government officials got wind of it, reached his place and asked him to halt the project. The ignorance of the people on global warming and its effects made him pen down his first Sci-fi novel. He wrote short stories, unsuccessfully submitted a few of those stories for publication, and edited his company newsletter. But he didn’t take writing seriously until after he received praise for the stories in his newsletter. “I love working for the environment,” says Roy. “I love working with people . . . Maybe someday I’ll be able to make enough impact to start a mass movement. But for now, the books are keeping me very busy.”

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Discussion on two favourite chapters

Chapter 10: Down the Rabbit Hole

This is where the human scouts land on the Alien planet and explore. I imagined truly fantastic locations, animals with extraordinary powers and some really trippy experiences.

Chapter 13: Stairway to heaven

This is the part where Madhav asks truly philosophical questions. Questions like if the soul is indestructible, then where do new souls come from as the population increases! And my personal favourite, Why God allows random injustice!

Message from the Author

When your work becomes more of a chore and less of a pleasure, Stop! Listen to your heart! Do what you like! Don’t be good because you might incur God’s wrath. Do good because that’s what you want to do. Be good, not by force, but by free will. That’s the conclusion of the book and I hope you enjoy reading it.

About the Book

For the first time in fourteen thousand years, geography has changed. Global warming is a reality and sea levels have risen to dangerous heights. A war in the middle-east broke out causing the world to mine and produce at a record high for the war. The war ends with the destruction of the planet’s ecosystem. Mumbai is reduced to seven little islands with no connectivity to the mainland. All commerce activity has ceased and the world is not fit to live anymore. Ozone layer has depleted in various regions around the world and where it is still intact, it’s so thin that standing too long will burn the skin away. Risk of cancer due to radiation is so high that venturing outside needs special suits in some places. Man cannot stand in sunlight for too long.

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war of canneti

An interview with the author

We had a small interview with Shri Ankit Roy, Some portions of the interview is added for our visitors.

I wrote a short story one day to vent my anger on a public service employee who made some outrageous demands for a business deal I was involved in. The piece became a hit with over two lakh views and likes. It was about this guy on an earth-like planet fighting against an authoritarian state. That’s when I realised I could write this book.

He is more like a person I’d like to be. He is this cool entrepreneur guy, techie, expert in whatever he does, a glib talker and a master strategist. Something I can never be! But yes, he loves nature as should everyone.

Years ago, I played a game called Anne McCaffery’s Freedom. It had a race of super aliens who enslave earth. Canneti! That’s where I took it from. I later found out the source material. A trilogy by Anne McCaffery with exotic worlds, extraordinary animals and astonishing landscapes

I worked in a Mumbai firm as an engineer in the power distribution business. The demand for power I saw was astonishing. 40 lakh units of energy is required daily for a city like Nagpur. Now imagine this on a national scale. If you can do the math, you’d be uneasy too. We need a green energy revolution, and we need it soon!

The War of Canneti is more about adventure and travels across space. It hardly has any romance. Probably a hint of a relationship at the climax, but that’s that. The characters Shree and Madhav are like everyday people, with likes and dislikes, affection and jealousy. But the focus is entirely on space travel, exotic locations and alien warfare. It’s a book for anyone who would like to glance into a future that might very well happen someday as humans’ progress.

I had a great time journeying through the pages of the book. As a writer, I understood that a story writes itself. Something unexplained makes way for the story to progress and the journey is as rewarding as for a reader. I enjoyed the endless nights, sleeplessly striking the keyboard of my ancient Acer Inspiron, checking on my one year old every now and then as he slept clutching his mother right beside me, and finally going to bed only to be woken up an hour later for office!

I think self publishing is a faster way to reach the audience than vanity publishing. As a writer, I have quite a few stories stacked up in my brain and self publishing gives me the freedom and the control to complete a project and move on quickly.