Library langar: A book for everyone at Government High School, Abdal

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To encourage its students to read and amplify its activity-based education, government schools across the district have revived the ‘library langar’ concept. The library langar was an initiative started in 2019 by the then Punjab Education Secretary to promote reading and ensure that books are given to students for free.

On Wednesday, Government High School, Abdal, held the first ‘library langar’ on its premises, where parents, along with students, came to pick books.

Deepika Dean, headmistress, Government High School, Abdal, said: “The main aim was to make books available at each house. The initiative holds it importance far more now that students are bound to be at home due to the pandemic. It will help in engaging themselves productively without exposure to screens,” she said.

A range of books were displayed for not only students, but also for parents. The event also saw curious participation from local villagers, who were encouraged to pick up books for reading. The Dean said before the pandemic, library langars were held once a month, apart from holding daily reading sessions at schools during assembly or free periods.

“Teachers, too, are being encouraged to reach out to their students,” she said.


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