Frontlist | Delhi govt to release ₹28.24 crore funds for salaries of staff of DU colleges

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The Delhi government on Tuesday announced that it would release the funds amounting to 28.24 crores for the salaries of the staff of its fully-funded Delhi University colleges.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal earlier in the day convened a meeting with the principals and chairpersons of the 12 fully funded DU colleges by the Delhi government. Addressing the meeting, Kejriwal said that the Delhi government will release the funds which amount to 28.24 crores, and the government will only issue funds in the future based on the directions of the court on whether the funds currently available under different heads can be used for salaries or not.

The Delhi government will release the amount so that the teaching staff and the colleges do not suffer till the matter is in court. The Delhi government will issue an invite to the Vice-Chancellor on behalf of Manish Sisodia office to have a dialogue with him on the pending issues and concerns.

Source: HT

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