Delhi Book Fair 2021: Garuda Is Participating As An Exhibitor

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We are delighted to announce that Garuda is participating in the virtual Delhi Book Fair 2021 as an exhibitor.

A civilization which ceases to tell its stories will cease to exist.” Sankrant Sanu (Founder and CEO, Garuda Prakashan)

Garuda has a simple mission. To create a platform where stories that bring forth the perspective and narrative of the Indian civilization can be told. For decades, nay centuries, we have been unable to speak of and advance our own narrative. We have been told our stories are not politically correct. They have been subjected to an outsider’s gaze, those of our colonizers, in how we speak of ourselves. They have been told that their languages, their civilization is “Backward” and it must be discarded to make “Progress”.

As with any set of people who organize for a common goal, the Gujarati Prakashak Mandal too is objectively oriented towards the protection and enhancement of its members’ interests. Copyright awareness programs, book fairs, Taxation, and GST awareness seminars, helping members in ISBN-related issues, providing legal framework guidance to members for government interactions, etc.

Virtual DBF is hosted on PragatiE Platform, a virtual exhibition platform that turned the tables around in the event industry. PragatiE hosts conferences, exhibitions, Tradeshows, effortlessly in a digital format.

Catch them live on PragatiE Platform from 3-5th Sep 2021-

For Registration, click here.

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